Re: How important is THUM? #APCC

Joseph Beyer

I've looked at purchasing a THUM for a year or so since I started using APCC-Pro and creating a model each time I set up.  I just added in the step of manually entering the temperature and pressure from a small weather station in my yard each time I start up the system.  I routinely shoot 3-4 minute unguided subs with my Mach1/FSQ106 and have no problem getting pinpoint stars.  Unfortunately the local skies don't permit longer exposures but I've pushed it to 5 minutes on particularly good nights with the same result.  The local temperatures rarely change more than 5 degrees - at my station - during imaging sessions.  Some nights that's more than enough to change the sky above me from visibly clear to completely overcast in a matter of minutes.  Another potential source for temperature and pressure is WeatherUnderground that publishes private local weather stations on the web.  They seem to be all over the place.

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