Re: How important is THUM? #APCC

Bill Long

Its always better to have real local data from a device, but you can get a free Open WeatherMap API key and use that. with the Observing Conditions ASCOM Driver.

The free one is more than enough for what we use it for.


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Subject: [ap-gto] How important is THUM? #APCC
I've just purchased APCC Pro to use with my 900GTO.  I've carefully configured everything including horizon and meridian limits.  Tonight it will be clear so I will test out the pointing model feature for pointing and tracking.  In the manual I read about the THUM device. 

Curious how much benefit this would give when compared to just inputting temp and pressure manually?  It's a relatively small investment to purchase so if there is a significant benefit I'm not opposed to it. 

Thank you,

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