Re: Dual scope setup question

R Botero


I have been imaging with a dual scope rig on my 1100GTO (and now on a 1600GTO) for the last 12 months.  I mount my scopes side by side: a 6" f/7.5 StarFire EDF and a Stowaway.  In fact, the Stowaway's rings are attached via a small dovetail to the hexagonal rings (original AP version) of the larger refractor.  This keeps both scopes close together, their centre of gravity as near the DEC head as possible.  Aligning the smaller scope to the larger one just needed a couple of shims and the rig is as stable at all angles as I could wish.  I can take up to 10 min unguided exposures with the larger refractor (1.4"/px at 1300mm) in this arrangement (using APCC/APPM) without any trailing in any of the two imaging cameras.
I run all my cables through the mount:  two power cables, one for each CCD camera, two ethernet cables for the focusers, four USB cables - two for each camera, one for the main scope's filter wheel and one for the guide camera and finally three cables for dew heaters: one for each scope and one for the guidescope (AP's Baader Vario Finder).  I really should have run fewer cables through the mount and have a hub on top of one of the scopes but this is a historic build up of machinery...
My scope and cameras are controlled by Voyager Array which does the imaging, controls dithering and sequencing and manages my ROR.
See some pictures here:

Good luck!


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