Re: DEC Crosstalk

Clayton Yendrey

Ortho looked good, always has with this mount - other than indicating that I don't always have the axis of the guide camera aligned with the axis of the mount movement.  I typically try to adjust/make it perpendicular on the next calibration.  In this instance it was about (going by memory) about 3dg tilt.

To be clear, this is NOT an AP mount that I'm working with at the moment.  A comment was made about this being a general issue with GEM mounts by the Support for that mount.  Since I don't see/haven't found many/any discussions about DEC causing spike (crosstalk) in the RA across several different internet searches, I thought I'd ask the other manufacturers support directly.  Of course, doesn't hurt that I only have 22 months to go on my Mach2 waiting list...   

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