Dual scope setup question

yanzhe liu

Have been thinking of setting up two scopes (4" and 5") on AP1100, only 1 scope will be used at any time.
A few questions on exactly how it should be configured/connected.
- Piggy back vs side by side? Which is the preferred way.
- I am thinking of having 3 110v/12V power adapters, and 3 USB ports.
One power adapter and one USB port are for connecting GTOCP3.
Each telescope will have a power adapter and a USB port, which provide power and communication for all gears eg, CCD/focuser/dew controller/USB hub etc.

I am not too sure whether there are any potential issues with this setup:
- Can all 4 cables (2 powers and 2 USB2 cables) go through AP1100?
- Is there any concern on the electrical side, e.g. USB ground loop or something similar?
- Or is it possible to have 2 scopes sharing the same power and USB? Then I need a IP controller 12v power switch?


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