Re: Counterweight Shaft Travel Storage

M Hambrick

Hi John

I use the Ridgid toolboxes. I lined them with the high density closed cell polyethylene foam in layers. You will have to take out the existing internal dividers that come with the boxes to do this. The lid is lined with a solid piece of 2" thick foam. The bottom of the case has a 1" thick solid layer. On top if that is a 2" thick layer with cutouts for the counterweights and shaft. The 2" foam is perfect for the 18 lb counterweights. There is a 1" thick spacer in the cutout with the 10 lb counterweight. I glued the layers together using contact cement.

In one of the cases I have two 18 lb counterweights. In the other I have the shaft with an 18 lb, and a 10 lb counterweight. This is a more or less even distribution of the weight in each case.

I have a bad back, but if I use proper lifting techniques I can carry one case in each hand to the mount.


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