Re: Counterweight Shaft Travel Storage

christian viladrich

I put the shaft inside a cylindrical piece of foam used for thermal isolation of water pipes.

Not optimal, but better than nothing.


Le 12/05/2021 à 06:54, Jeffc a écrit :
So how are people transporting their counterweight shafts?

(With the round tube inside)

On May 11, 2021, at 8:09 PM, John A. Sillasen <jasillasen@...> wrote:

Just wondering how other GTO owners with the larger thickness counterweight shafts are transporting them?
1200, 1100, 900 & Mach2 mounts all use the thicker style shaft. My Mach 1 has the thinner style. Why?  Pffft, a I'm only going to own one Astro-Physics mount, why would I need a thicker style shaft, right?  Then, the 1100GTO came home with me. Three scopes too but that's a whole different topic.

The Mach 1 counterweight shaft is safely stored in my ScopeGuard case.  Nice case, holds everything but weights.

But that big,  heavy toe crusher?  It was in my SKB case but no more.  I'd want to keep the threads safe - especially with Molybdenum disulfide on the threads for protection and reduce that counterweight dry shaft 'squeak.'

So how are people transporting their counterweight shafts?
I'd consider one of those Harbor Freight Apache cases but don't expect pluck foam to stand up to the weight.  Besides any of their cases would be too small or way too hig.

Thoughts anyone?  Case, soft bag?, towel?  How to protect it on a multi-day travel?



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