Re: Mach2 Command Language


Hi Brent,

Yes, the :RC3# command means 600x, rather than 1200x, beginning P02-01.  200x was added between 64x and 600x to fill a gap.  This means 1200x is now :RC4#.  If you use the Keypad or APCC, this is already taken care of transparently.  And programs like Sky Safari default to lower button rates, so the impact to minimized.  We are in the process of updating the command set publication, but this has been overcome by higher priority things lately.  I apologize for the delay.

You can use the :GOS# command to return state information about the mount, including park status.  The first character of the response will tell you if the mount is parked.  "P" is parked, "0" is un-parked.  In older firmware, un-parking twice was a problem. It is not a problem for the version you are running today.  The :GOS# command will be described in it's entirely in upcoming documentation.

On initial power up, the mount does not know the time or date, so it is not possible for it to know the coordinates.  The initialization sequence must provide time and date, not just park-off, to establish coordinates.  An RA coordinate of 0:00.0# is the indication that the mount is not initialized.

Mike Hanson

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