Re: Mach2GTO - No Internal cable routing?

Dale Ghent

Yep! That's exactly what I do, too. XT60 is an odd choice of connector for the UPBv2 but I guess it's smaller than powerpole and more secure than coaxial plugs.

On May 10, 2021, at 10:44, Jeffc <jeffcrilly@...> wrote:

Yeah… When the UPBv2 arrived , I ordered a bag of XT60 parts from Amazon along with some Powerpole pigtails (or maybe they were extension cables).
Then I soldered up the XT60 to the existing crimped Powerpole wires. I used heatshrink on the exposed XT60 solder connectors.
With this approach I could choose the exact length of cable needed, and remove the excess cable mess. Pic attached below.

I’ve been crimping Powerpole for years.. and then decided to solder them. Nowadays I look for pre-wired cables, and if I’m “adapting” I simply cut one end off and put on whatever connector I need. Sometimes the pre-wired power poles aren’t configured the same but that can be fixed easily and without any tools. I’ve just found crimping power poles to be time consuming.. however there is great satisfaction when the power pole “pin” snaps into the housing!

Fwiw, I’ve been recently picking parts like this on Amazon simply because of the fairly rapid delivery time. Normally I’d go to the local Ham Radio Outlet store but it closed down about 1.5years ago and the nearest is a 2 hour round trip.

Also.. I’ve found the “battery generator” charge extension cables can be repurposed for the Mach2 through-mount input power cable — the Powerpole ends just need to be reconfigured which takes about 30 seconds. I’m using one from “iGreely” which is fairly long, decent gauge, and with a nice heavy jacket.

Powerpole -> XT60 cable


On May 9, 2021, at 2:05 PM, Clayton Yendrey <cyendrey@...> wrote:

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This is what I just ordered; as set of 3 each (male/female) XT60 pigtails. Upgrades XT60 Connectors 12awg 5.9inch Wire with Solder Point Cover (3 Female + 3 Male) 3D Printer Power Supply Extension: Electronics

All that is needed is to crimp the respective Anderson Powerpole connectors to them.

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