Difference Since Connecting the CP4 Directly to Computer

Steve Reilly

I run a remote imaging system at SRO that has a AP3600/12.5” RC and TAK TOA-150 that has been running for several years now. I discovered mid-April that the CP4 was connected to a switch instead of the second LAN connection on the computer, part of the drawback to remote imaging and not having been out to California to setup the system. Not knocking the staff at SRO, you as for something to be done and it gets done. Prior to mid -April I was noticing that maybe 85-95% of the images were well guided and the rest had issues, most often what I called star lightening where the guider seems to lose its guide star and drifts away, sometime either in the beginning or end of the image. I say that in that the dim object would sometimes be there and noticeable but the drift would be extremely obvious especially on the brightest of stars as if there is a period that guiding simply was lost but the majority was fine. Regardless of the result after discovering the LAN connection to the CP4 I had the connection corrected to the 2nd LAN on the computer and the port was configured with the proper IP address. Up until this time COM errors were always present especially during startup with a long lag before connection to the mount.


Now it’s almost instantly connected and the COM errors are no more. Interestingly enough as I blink through the images since that day, 4/20, I have yet to find a misguided image and wonder now if the CP4 being connected to the switch vs the computer directly was the cause (delayed/missed corrections) to the Star Lightening images? Or is this a coincidence? Either way this is a vast improvement in imaging results. I’ve only gone through the last weeks images but have yet to have a misguided image in the lot which is unheard of from the past performance. Just thought I’d ask as I can’t say for sure the reason.




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