Mach2 Command Language

Brent Boshart

I received my Mach2 mount the end of last week and started working on some software development for it.  Unfortunately, the AP ASCOM driver does not suit my purposes as it does not give real time mount positions.  The driver appears to poll the mount for its position about once every second. The problem I have with that is if the mount is currently slewing at say 3 degrees per second, then the position I get when querying the ASCOM driver could be off by up to 3 degrees.  Not sure if there is a workaround for that?  I don't have my license yet but will using the command language through APCC give real time position data?  Using the command language straight to the mount gives real time mount positions at the moment of the query - it works very well.  I have a few questions about the command language:

  1. Is there updated documentation or is this most recent  ?  For example, I found that ":RC3#" seems to set the centering rate at 600x instead of the documented 1200X.  
  2. Is there a command to query the park status?  The documentation says that if you issue an unpark command when the mount is not parked then calibration is lost. I found that the mount after the initial power-up does not seem to return proper position coordinates until an unpark command is issued. 

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