Re: Mach2GTO - No Internal cable routing?

Dale Ghent

Yes however XT60 to PowerPole remains a bit of a unicorn out there in the land of ready-made PowerPole adapters. I don’t know why since both are popular, but that’s the case.

The last time I looked for a commercially-available XT60 adapter was a few months ago (for a friend in the same Pegasus UPBv2 predicament) and the only one I found was a seller on Amazon, with weeks of lead time and a not so great price. 

On May 9, 2021, at 16:55, mjb87 via <mjb87@...> wrote:

I have concluded that being a serious amateur astronomer means learning how to crimp connectors.  So I've down Anderson powerpole connectors to accommodate the Mach2, Molex connectors for the ExploraDome and JST-PH connectors for the fan in my ZWO camera. It's not hard. Just takes some practice.

If you want to buy off-the-shelf you can often find what you need on Amazon. For example this:

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