Re: Mach2GTO - No Internal cable routing?

Clayton Yendrey

It sounds like the Mach2 has what I need - I have a Pegasus UPBv2 on the OTA that handles all the on OTA distribution.  I use / need the internal routing to get a USB3 'backbone' to the UPBv2.  The problem is/may be the fact that the UPBv2 uses a proprietary power plug from its power supply.  I"d have to look up the specs and also determine what/where the plug itself is available from or get another cable/power supply from Pegasus as a sacrificial parts source.  Do you know if anyone else is using a UPBv2 through a Mach2?  I believe the UPBv2 is rated/can distribure up to 20 amps total which is likely why the non standard power supply/plug assembly.

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