Re: Connecting ASIAIR Pro to a CP4 - Mach1

Lee Decovnick

Hi all,

Real progress and some more questions using the ASI AIR PRO. First the good news,  I used a FIDI USB cable and it connected the USB port to the ASI Air Pro first time. Now I can also use my iPad and my Win 10 Blue Stack emulation at the same and the speed is pretty decent. I used the ASI AIR Pro app to plate solve the Polar Alignment on the Mach 1  ... a nice peice of software. Dec took one minute to get to 02",  but when I tightened the RA lever there was significant shift.  got it on the sixth attempt.  

These CMOS cameras are really nice, except I ended up adding 2 inches to my focuser tube to come to focus, I guess I could also use a diagonal perhaps less flexion, suggestions welcome.. Oh, I shoot with Stellarvue 115mm f/7  scope. 800mm focal length.

The  first Mach 1 question I have for the group is:   Do folks use the hand controller to set up park and reset the R/A and Dec THEN sync to the ASIAIR Pro? 

How exactly do integrate Sky Safari with the Mach 1 and ASI AIR RPO date loop? 

Thanks again for the positive suggestions....   


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