Re: Shooting with AP 10" Mak on Mach2 mount

Roland Christen

Drift compensation is not in APCC, but sky modeling is, and can be used to also create drift compensation for any and all points in the sky.

Measuring the actual drift and then using that to create a counter-drift is strictly a new keypad feature that we put into the latest keypads. Drift is measured in both axes and adjusts the tracking rate dynamically as you track and guide on the object. It is not the same as traditional modeling, although a model program is also in the keypad for those who want to make partial or full sky models using just the keypad.

We give you a number of tools to make imaging easier and more accurate. My greatest fear is that these tools are being confused with each other, and so people miss out on some really effective way to do imaging.


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Is drift compensation a feature of APCC pro/APPM as well?

Roland Christen

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