Re: Lost AP1100AE

Ray Gralak

Hi Rick,

I assume you can see the mount remotely via a camera?

If so, using APCC:

1) Park the mount to the Park 3 position.
2) In APCC's Move Scope group box, move the RA axis East or West until the scope is as close as you can to the Park 3 position.
3) Park the mount at the current position.
4) Unpark the mount from "Park 3" in APCC's Unpark group box. Click "OK" to the warning dialog.

The mount should now be close enough to allow you to later do a plate solve and recal.

Then set the Home position again. Something must have changed or was reset not to have homing work correctly.


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Hi Rolando,

Just checked and the time is correct in APCC

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