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Roland Christen

Time is probably off by 1 hour. That would cause park positions to shift in RA by 15 degrees. Dec is not affected by a time error. No need to reposition the mount, simply change the time and send it back to a park position. Park 3 is probably the safest since any error in time won't cause a telescope crash.


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Sent: Sat, May 8, 2021 8:51 am
Subject: [ap-gto] Lost AP1100AE

Hi All,

Last night I was troubleshooting plate solving and ended up getting the mount lost. I homed the mount and thought that would get me squared up but when I parked (position 5) the mount, it is counterweight up approx 10 degrees and dec is in the right position.

It is at a remote observatory so I can't loosen the clutches and reposition the mount. 

Any thoughts to get me out of this?

Much appreciated.


Roland Christen

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