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yanzhe liu


I could attach ADATRI to HD tripod using 3 highlighted 1/4" holes (I did this for Mach1). It looks strong, but none of the tripod legs points due north.
Should I concern about the stability and strength of this setup?

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The three tapped holes that are on the Losmandy HD tripod are for the Losmandy MA adapter.   They are 3/8” tapped holes and will not work with the ADATRI.   If the Losmandy MA adapter is on the Losmandy tripod, then you can use our LT2APM Flat Adapter and then attach the ADATRI to it.






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Can I attach ADATRI directly to Losmandy HD tripod?

I think I can do it with 3 1/4" screws, not receommeded 5/8" ones. Is there any concern by doing so?



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