Re: Losing Communications with the Mount

Sébastien Doré

"Interference from other devices"? If you're thinking of interference like it's radio interference, switched ethernet doesn't work that way.
Strictly speaking, interference is totally possible over an Ethernet CATx cable. For all intent and purposes, such a cable acts exactly as radio transmission line operating at hundreds and even thousands of MHz. That said, it is true that they are used in a very effective self-protecting way (using differential signaling over twisted-pairs which highly reduce any common mode noise) to the extent that from a receiver standpoint (your computer), it seems like there are only discrete bits coming off those wires. Reality is different. Always analog in nature (unless you are talking about quantum physics qubits-based computer which really only have two possible states, but I'll leave that fascinating subject to someone more knowledgeable than me).

What is more common in standard computer network cable signal integrity is near-end-cross-talk (that could be defined as a type of self-interference) which occurs when the twisted-pairs are untwisted for too long of a length relative to the signal wavelength before they enter the crimped RJ-45 connector. At this location, cable immunity is weakened and more prone to picking up RF noise, including from the nearest dataline pairs in the cable. That's why well crimped connectors are important.


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