Re: AP1100/CP4 and NINA

Dale Ghent

NINA doesn't necessarily know what is CW up and what is CW down, and it certainly doesn't think in those terms. There is no programmatic way an ASCOM driver can transmit this state to an app.

I'm trying to picture how you're managing to do this conditional flip given what I recall about SGPro's flip options, which aren't fancy at all. Is this a new thing you want to try or is this something you already have working in SGPro?

Either way, you can maybe do this on a per target basis in NINA 1.11's advanced sequencer. For the targets that you start in a CW-up orientation, you can simply omit the Meridian Flip trigger and the mount will sail through the meridian without flipping, simply because the trigger command that manages that is missing.

When I referred to the APCC-enforced limits (be they horizon or meridian), NINA does not know of these limits as, again, there is no programmatic way for an ASCOM driver to describe these to an app such as NINA. If you have the limit set to park or stop tracking, NINA will not have any idea why this is happening and you'll probably end up with a hung sequence. However you can probably recover from this predicament on a multi-target sequence by bounding the halted sequence with a time or a target altitude so that it eventually moves on to the next target which could have an unpark or set tracking rate command to get the mount moving again.

On May 6, 2021, at 13:47, Michael 'Mikey' Mangieri <> wrote:

OK, thanks. I'll check out the 1.11 version and experiment tonight. I use

My normal mode of operation is to slew to the east with CW UP (based on APCC
limits allowing this) and track past meridian with no need to flip. But
when I slew east with CW DOWN the flip needs to occur at the meridian. I
expect NINA to handle this without any additional inputs or configuration
from me.

If I ever need to track past meridian with CW UP I guess that's when NINA
needs to know when to flip? That's the part I would assume you are referring
to when you state that I need to configure NINA to execute flips prior to
those limits being reached?


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Hi Michael, I'm one of the contributors to NINA and have been using my
Mach1GTO+CP3(V2) with it for over 2 years. It works fine. Plenty of other
uses use it with a CP4 and CP5 and that's also fine. It just uses the A-P
ASCOM driver like any other software.

Some general tips - If you have slew/tracking or meridian limits set up in
APCC then of course be sure that you configure NINA to execute flips prior
to those limits being reached. If you use the current in-development version
of NINA, 1.11, you can use the horizon file that APCC saves directly in
NINA's advanced sequencer to trigger actions based on your local horizon,

On May 6, 2021, at 12:38, Michael 'Mikey' Mangieri
<> wrote:

I recently decided to try N.I.N.A. as a possible replacement for SGP which
I have used for years. Was wondering if the AP community has any issues
with using NINA with respect to meridian flips, CW-UP slews, and such?

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