Re: Losing Communications with the Mount

Donald Gaines

Hi Howard,
Thanks for the info. I thought I might have add a card with serial ports. I’ll go that route. Thanks for your advice. 
Don Gaines

On Thursday, May 6, 2021, Howard Hedlund <howard@...> wrote:
Using the supplied serial cable with a USB to serial converter, even the FTDI unit that we sell, will still be limited in its reliability to that of USB.  Chris is referring to a native serial port on a dedicated board inside the computer itself that avoids the Universal Serial Bus.  Our on-board USB port uses the same FTDI chipset, but it has an added advantage over an external USB to serial device.  An external device is powered solely from the bus in the computer.  Our port, however, is also powered so a power drop from the computer won't kill the USB connection because the CP4/5 will keep it alive.

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