Re: Spikes in Dec


Hi Brian,

For the DEC, yes, you recalled right, Lowpass2. For RA, I have Hysterersis selected. 

I see there's also the possibility to select lowpass2 for RA, but I believe I read somewhere not to use it for that axis (possibly in the PHD2 manual). Anyway, I didn't seem to have any guiding problems in RA, so I'd leave it there for now.

Just looking around at other settings, I realize that I have the "Use DEC compensation" checked in the Guiding tab,  Calibration section. Help file says that it usually should stay checked unless in "unsual" cases, like when a mount's controller would apply a compensation automatically. Should I assume that a mount with abs encoders correspond to that definition and uncheck the box? Do you think, this could explain the issue reported by Howard/Roland ?

I realize this is more a question for the PHD forum, (sorry about that) but I thought it could be of general interest here as well if you have the answer at hand.


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Seb i seem to recall you using lowpass2 in PHD which is the correct algorithm for high res encoders

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