Re: AP1100/CP4 and NINA

Dale Ghent

Hi Michael, I'm one of the contributors to NINA and have been using my Mach1GTO+CP3(V2) with it for over 2 years. It works fine. Plenty of other uses use it with a CP4 and CP5 and that's also fine. It just uses the A-P ASCOM driver like any other software.

Some general tips - If you have slew/tracking or meridian limits set up in APCC then of course be sure that you configure NINA to execute flips prior to those limits being reached. If you use the current in-development version of NINA, 1.11, you can use the horizon file that APCC saves directly in NINA's advanced sequencer to trigger actions based on your local horizon, etc.

On May 6, 2021, at 12:38, Michael 'Mikey' Mangieri <> wrote:

I recently decided to try N.I.N.A. as a possible replacement for SGP which I have used for years. Was wondering if the AP community has any issues with using NINA with respect to meridian flips, CW-UP slews, and such?

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