Re: Connecting ASIAIR Pro to a CP4 - Mach1

Kevin Cook

Hi Lee - I was always "old school" with my Mach 1 (CP3), using the RAPAS to polar align, the hand controller to find targets, and then a variety of software programs to manage the image capture.  Some of us are slow to catch on to new technology, but the ASIAIR Pro is getting me there.  I am successful getting it to talk to the mount, control slews to targets, do the plate solving, etc.  For me, since my mount does not have integral wi-fi, I simply do a wired connection from the mount's RS232 port into one of the ASIAIR's USB's ports.  That has been a reliable connection method for me.  I then have the ASIAIR communicating wirelessly to my Samsung 10-inch Android tablet.  My only real remaining frustration with this setup is with the guiding - the simplified version of PhD on the ASIAIR does not have many means of fine-tuning your guiding, and I am pretty sure I did better using the real PhD2 with a laptop.  But with moderate focal lengths (AP130 f/6 and shorter), the ASIAIR guiding has been good enough.    Kevin (Tucson AZ)

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