Re: 400 Mount Seen on eBay


I think this is the same one I saw in a Craigslist posting recently.  It appeared to me to be part of a “storage locker sight unseen contents buy”.    Afaict this is just the mount , no electronics seem to be included, or CW shaft.    (Btw The CL post also had a 13” red tube Coulter dob that iirc appeared to me to be overpriced.)

This blurb is included in the 400QMD eBay post:
“”It does not include a additional parts or accessories.“”


On May 5, 2021, at 5:51 AM, M Hambrick <mhambrick563@...> wrote:

I expect that many people have seen this already, but to those who have not there is a 400 QMD mount for sale on eBay. The only caveat is that it is a local pickup only in Milpitas, California


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