Connecting ASIAIR Pro to a CP4 - Mach1

Lee Decovnick

Hi all,

This is my first post, though I’ve been a long time Mach 1 (CP3) owner and I just bought a second used Mach 1 (CP4) for my wife. We shoot astrophotography two weeks a year on the Modoc Plateau, 50 miles east of Mt. Shasta.

The ASI Air Pro mount interfaces is pretty basic, which is fine as she moves up from shooting the Milky Way with a DSLR into using the ASI CMOS cameras.
So far I have had tried Ethernet and USB and Wi-Fi to talk to the ASI Air Pro, nothing. I can see the GTO WiFi network ,but no handshake with the ASI. But I loaded the FIDI driver and at 9600 baud, the RS232 serial port does connect, but drops out often.

I’m running the ASIAIR Pro App on a Windows 10 machine ( larger screen) - rather than an iPad - using Blue Stacks emulation..a pretty nifty set up. I do not have APCC loaded on my Window machine, do I need to do so?

Am I aiming for a bridge too far? I’m accustomed to simply shooting astrophotography just using my hand controller for the GOTO’s and I have no tracking problems with 2-3 minutes subs without PremPro. I polar align in the field with a RAPAS. Easy-peasy.

Suggestions and comments welcome.

Walnut Creek,Ca

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