Losing Communications with the Mount


Ok, I’ve finally have some time to start playing with my new 1100, and I’m having an issue with losing connection with the mount.  Everything would be going along, and then the driver starts complaining it can’t communicate with the mount.  Today I started playing with APCC and started to define the horizon, and it happened again.  APCC displays NO RESPONSE FROM MOUNT in the telescope position section.  I also get no response if I try to connect to the mount via a browser.  Pinging the mount’s IP address also fails.  I can only get communications with the mount if I power cycle it, at which point APCC re-establishes communications.
I’m not using a USB connection to the mount.  I’ve directly connected to my network via ethernet, as well as connecting it to my WiFi.  I have APCC setup to use the direct ethernet connection, so WiFi issues aren’t the problem. 

The last time this happened, the mount was simply tracking during an exposure and communications failed about halfway through the exposure.  It’s clear from that exposure during the failure that tracking stopped as the stars started streaking.  I got the mount and downloaded all the software last week, so I assume I'm all up to date on that account.  The PC has windows 10 Pro and the latest updates.

I’m at a loss as to what might be going on.   Any suggestions as how to troubleshoot this?



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