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Roland Christen

The fact that both RA and Dec are drifting so fast in just a few minute's time indicates either that your polar alignment is way off, or that the object that you are calibrating on is not near the celestial equator and meridian.


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Well, I'm not the one who will contest your analysis, Brian. As Howard said earlier, your advice is to be taken seriously, and I agree! 🙂 And I also agree with your argument about the guiding pulse being in only one direction and being compatible with bad PA.

The reason why I said it was good in the first place is only because PHD told me so (see attached). It wasn't based on anything other data. Hence my hypothesis about it struggling to show me the real NCP when I did the Polar Drift Align in the gusty conditions...

Anyway, AP is also working with me behind the scenes to help figure out what could have happened. So, we'll see if they can shed some light on this from their perspective.


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When i first reviewed your PHD logs, it appeared to me your polar alignment was quite off. All your corrections were in one direction

You said you thought it was the wind, but i have my doubts about that

so it's possible your polar alignment may be misaligned for whatever reason

Roland Christen

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