Re: AP1100 loading heavy scope at 60 inch pier height

Eric Baumgartner

Hi, Shailesh:


I have a TMB 175 f/8 OTA on an AP1200GTO that I set up and tear down for each observing session. I use the open-ring loading technique with Park 2 that George and Roland recommend. However, for added security I invested in a “Scope Tote,” which looks like a giant blood pressure cuff with a wood dowel handle. It securely wraps tightly around the OTA and gives me something to grab on to when I hoist the telescope up to the open rings. You can find them here:


Hope this is helpful.


Eric Baumgartner

Redding CT USA


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You are on to an idea, I had not thought about removing the scope from the rings before attaching it to the mount. Park2 will now enable me to remove and place the scope on the open rings as you mentioned. That should work provided it does not roll out while I close the ring clasp; though the rings and handle are attached so if I remove the rings it may be a bit hard to hold without a handle since it is front cell heavy, most of the 40lbs are in the objective cell.


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