Re: 1100GTO case

M Hambrick

Hi Todd

Have you watched Tony's (a.k.a Harley Davidson) YouTube video showing the Ridgid toolboxes ? I copied the link below. I am using the same cases for my 1100, and I have lined mine with high density closed cell foam. I needed four cases to hold all of the 1100 components; the Dec axis with saddle plate attached sits in the wheeled case. The RA axis sits in the 22-inch box, and the counterweight shaft and counterweights sit in two of the narrow boxes. All will stack on top of the wheeled box. There is room in the Dec axis case for the GTOCP4, Keypad, and cables.

The Ridgid cases are pretty tough, but I would not recommend them for airline travel. If you are looking for cases suitable for airline travel you probably want to go with a Pelican case, or if they are still in business get some custom cases from Company 7. Their cases look really good but expensive.

You can find the 1.8 density closed cell polyethylene foam on Amazon or eBay. 

I hope this helps.


ASTRO PHYSICS 1100GTO mount - cases I use for transport - YouTube

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