1100GTO case


I searched through some older threads but thought I would make this one more specific, and updated, as the last one was several years old.
I would like to purchase two separate travel cases for the 1100 RA/DEC. Is anyone using Pelican cases, or similar, for transportation of their 1100? I would love to see some pictures if possible. Sturdy foam is necessary too. I think four cases will cover my needs with the third for CW shaft and weights and the fourth for the keypad, GTOCP4, and accessories but I would really like to see what others are using.

By the way, when I received my mount several weeks ago I had two days of clear skies. Despite that, I patiently waited and practiced set up and tear down. Then clouds moved in over the next several days so I got the CP4 connected to WiFi, tested connection via USB, connected with SkySafari, etc. Later I got APCC downloaded and set up on my Windows 10 VM on my Mac so that was working. Finally this past weekend I got outside and used RAPAS to polar align, then I checked it with SharpCap polar align as I still need to adjust the RAPAS. Fired up APCC, PHD2, and ran some calibration and I was ready. I got 90 minutes of data on M81 and M82 and tracking was beautiful. Everything worked great. Thanks to all at Astro-Physics, the mount is beautiful and working great. The weight of each piece is very manageable for me and set up and tear down is really quick. 

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