Re: Spikes in DEC #guiding #Guiding

Howard Hedlund

Hi Sebastien,
First off, remember that the declination axis does not track unless a model is present, and then it would only be extremely slow.  Dec spikes pretty much have to come from software that is controlling the autoguiding, especially in a mount with the Absolute Encoder System like the Mach2.  I haven't had a chance to look at your PHD logs yet, but first, what software are you using along with PHD2?   APCC?  TheSkyX?  SGPro?  Something else?  If you are using APCC, please send me its zipped log files from the session above.  To use PHD2, you must have the AP V2 driver in play.  Those logs will also be valuable.
Send to:   howard at astro-physics dot com
I'm in the middle of a rush project, so please be patient with me and don't expect an analysis in the next 10 minutes!  ;^)
Also, please note that Brian V. is an excellent source of advice.  Take what he tells you seriously.
Howard Hedlund
Astro-Physics Technical Support

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