Re: Spikes in DEC #guiding #Guiding

Sébastien Doré

Thanks for your analysis Brian. 

What you see there is due to serious wind gusts present at the beginning of the run. I even had to remove the dew shield to help with that... But by 11:15-11:30PM, wind had entirely stopped. 

It's more with the spikes that I am concerned. By the time I saw them, conditions had greatly improved (no wind, 60% RH, -1 Celsius) compared to the beginning of the session.

At any rate, sincere thanks for chiming in. I'll see what AP thinks about that tomorrow (well, later today 🙂).

Clear skies,

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i just found your PA run sorry i missed that

the DEC is a little bit concerning here. this is without any motor running and 3 second exposures, and yet the DEC looks remarkably uneven, especially with encoders (compare this to your RA in blue)

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