Re: AP1100 loading heavy scope at 60 inch pier height

Bruce Donzanti

I have the Pier Tech Pier 3 in my ROR with my AP1100 on it. It is on a cement pier over 20” high and is very stable.  Definitely check it out.  You can see some of my observatory images here:

On May 1, 2021, at 6:03 PM, Shailesh Trivedi <strivedi@...> wrote:

@dvjbaja I am leaning towards redoing my concrete pad, removing my Paramount MX pier (48 inch + 12 inch concrete pedestal) and buy a Pier Tech pier which may pave a path for their ROR. They look better than any I have seen thus far, though by far the most expensive but in my opinion, the best fit for my backyard - but that is for the future. For now I have pretty much decided to go the Pier Tech route. They have a top plate that has hole patterns for 119FSA for my AP1100 and ADATRI for my soon to come Mach2. Pier Tech's Pier3 can hold up to a AP3600 (I do not have one) and working height is 34 inches to 54 inches above concrete pad. This will be tremendously helpful to load my TEC 180FL in AP Park 2 like George and Rolando have recommended.

@Mike - I watched the video, that hydraulic table is very nice, also like his Chihuahua, Moose.

Thanks to everyone, please keep up the mindshare, maybe there is something better out there still. Great group of helpful folks. Cheers!


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