Re: Continuation of the discussion using APCC CW up within the East Limit slews with SGPro #APCC

Eric Weiner

Howdy Brian,

Thanks for your comments. Meridian flip hasn't been the primary discussion.  As I've reported, I have been using that config with the default settings in SGP since I got my Mach2 back in January.  The main discussion and questions I've been asking relate to using APCC with the meridian limits active and CW up in East and West limits active. 

I agree this has created quite the rabbit hole.  It is simply because earlier questions I asked (here and the SGP forum), as well as others' discussions on CN have significantly muddied the waters.  Nobody is willing or able to define A) if it's safe (APCC says it isn't and Ray just last night said that warning is wrong), B) what are the setting to use in SGP (I think that discussion was put to rest for me today by Geof), and C) How does APCC dynamic meridian delay work?  The last is, I think, the only real remaining question.  Some folks here almost seem offended that I question how it works, or seem annoyed that I post here.  Isn't that what this user forum is for???? 

When you say you use the SGP defaults and enable meridian flip, do you have the APCC meridian limits set and active, or do you only use the "standard" CW and pier side positioning?  If so, how did you know to ignore the very stern warning APCC throws when you check the East Limits box?

This isn't about special or unique requirements.  This is about understanding my equipment, fully.  This is about learning about 2 months ago that AP mounts can, uniquely, start with the CW up on the west side with the scope pointing east (and, therefore avoiding flips altogether).  This is less about "need" and more about my inquisitiveness and wanting to fully understand my options.  I have mostly unobstructed views from east to west looking south on my property, and being able to start CW up with scope pointing east and finishing CW down and scope pointing was intriguing.

This discussion is also compounded with my limited time to experiment with the APCC "CW up" features, and the multiple warnings I've gotten from Ray to Roland to the warning APCC throws when you check the East Limits box (again, Ray said last night that warning is old and will be removed at next build).

Again, i have NOT been asking about pier flips.   It has been about avoiding them.


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