Re: AP1100 loading heavy scope at 60 inch pier height

M Hambrick

Hi Shailesh

I live at 30 Deg North latitude and can confirm that there is no risk of the scope rolling out of the rings when I set it into the open rings in Park 2. I expect that this is also the case at even lower latitudes. Next time I set up my mount I may try some different latitude settings to see what the limit really is. 

FYI I have a 180 EDT with an 1100 mount on a 54" Astro-Physics portable pier. My setup is portable and I set it up and take it down every time. I agree that using a step ladder to get the scope up to the rings is a pretty dicey operation. I bought the folding step stool with hand rails shown below from McMaster (Model 9754T77) that has made this operation much easier. 

If you don't mount and dismount your scope very often, Len's method sounds pretty good too.

Do you have a permanent observatory ? If so, I wonder if it is possible to install some kind of lifting apparatus in the roof. 


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