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Ray Gralak

that all meridian tracking and pier flip features in SGP should be turned off,
Eric --- I was referring to this part of your comment. It just means I don't know because I don't regularly use SGPro, so you should ask the developers questions about SGPro settings (or look in the SGPro documentation).


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This is such a bizarre conversation. Perhaps you guys are too close to the problem, perhaps I don't understand
how A-P meridian delay works, or both. Here is what you had to say on the matter in a different thread on the
same subject:


As a follow on, regarding operations with imaging software. I use SGP. It seems that once you have the
horizon and
meridian limits set correctly in APCC for CW up east and west slews that all meridian tracking and pier
flip features
in SGP should be turned off, and that meridian reporting from APCC to SGP should also be turned off.
Would you

That's a question for the SGP developers. It may be that SGP always expects the pier side to match what it
should be, but it won’t be in counterweight-up positions.


Ray, So you're reply to my recent post indicates it's a simple matter of setting the APCC meridian delay
correctly w.r.t. SGP. What is the correct setting for a meridian delay when there is no meridian flip????? How
does meridian delay function when one starts with CW up and the scope pointing East? Isn't the whole point of
the CW Up within East Limits option to avoid a meridian flip? Enlighten me.

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