Re: AP1100 loading heavy scope at 60 inch pier height

Joe Zeglinski

    What is your scope’s Latitude?
As you get closer to the equator, attaching the scope to the dovetail plate with its opened rings, begins to get dicey. It only becomes ideal at higher than LAT-45, when the OTA is actually tilted further, past over the saddle, closer to the mount’s center of gravity,
    What you might try, with PARK-2, is some kind of wide safety  strap, perhaps a wide VELCRO as used for garden hoses, glued or fastened somehow,  to the back of the saddle. Then as you slip the OTA into the open rings, try to close the strap, as a safety collar,  around the middle of the OTA, like a third helping  hand, as you then safely finish locking down the rings. The open rings support it at each side, during the transfer.
    The strap will provide enough balance,  security, and boost your confidence, that it won’t decide to “rock itself” out of the partly open rings, before you are finished your task.
Same is true when removing the OTA – strap it in, before unlocking the rings.
Joe Z.

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