Re: AP1100 loading heavy scope at 60 inch pier height

Roland Christen

Park2 is usually recommended for easy loading. Open the rings, lift the scope up into the rings and close them.

Trying to load a scope that has the dovetail already attached to the scope is a nightmare. Put the dovetail into the cradle instead of trying to slide the scope with dovetail into the cradle.

Hint: I have never recommended using Park3 for loading a scope.


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Subject: [ap-gto] AP1100 loading heavy scope at 60 inch pier height

I have an AP1100 on a pier sitting about 59 inches above ground/concrete floor. To load a TEC 180FL at that height in the recommended Park 3 position (CWs down) is a stretch. Is it possible to load such a scope in Park 4 or 5 ? If not then any tips will help.


Roland Christen

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