moderated Re: Newbie question re: APPM

Eric Weiner

On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 09:36 AM, Roland Christen wrote:
Best practices would be to start your scope pointing east with counterweight up and let your scope track all night thru the meridian.
Unless you're using automation software like SGP.  I just had a back and forth with Ray and Jared (SGP), Ray here in the ap-gto forum, and Jared on the SGP forum.  Neither would commit to saying APCC and SGP would play nice together with the CW up East option enabled. As a matter of fact, APCC gives a very stern warning to NOT have CW up in East Limits option checked if using automation software.  Ray says he would need to discuss it with the SGP developers, but Jared simply stopped replying to my thread on the SGP boards after a short back and forth with him to explain what I meant.  Very much a shame since it doesn't allow folks to use a very powerful aspect of A-P mount design.


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