Re: Small AP Mount Ideas


Yeah, I'll second that. I love my Mach 1 (original issue with updates, many years old). The 1100 is actually easier to schlep because it divides into smaller pieces.

I can still lift the Mach 1 in it's Scopeguard case, but it's not getting any easier. :)


On 4/29/21 11:26 AM, Woody Schlom wrote:

NO on the Mach1 being little and light-weight.  Got one – and as the years go on, it keeps putting on weight.  It’s already at my limit to schlepp around just the mount in a rolling case.  And lifting that monster up into a vehicle is a real back-killer.


Sorry, but you young strong whipper-snappers don’t understand yet that a Mach1 isn’t a light-weight travel mount.  Not even close.




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No I mean Mach1. The Mach2 is a great mount but on the heavy side. 


On Fri, 30 Apr 2021 at 01:48, John Chakel <jachakel@...> wrote:

You mean a Mach 2?

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