Re: Small AP Mount Ideas

Dale Ghent

TBH, anything that involves counterweights is going to be on the heavy side by default. There's just no way around that single most important aspect when it come to weight translating into portability. With that in mind, I don't think a slimmed down Mach1-quasi-400GTO would really hit all the checkboxes when it comes to a truly portable mount that you can take anywhere without much fuss. As Chris said, the wave-strain gear design enables a mount to hit all those portability points - ability to carry a load in a small mechanical space with the least amount of weight. It should also be suitable for use with common and still-portable stocky photo tripods; an aspect that'll further inform the mount's overall size and weight. Gizo 4 and 5 series and Really Right Stuff TVC-33 series are good reference points there.

I got my RST-135 in 2019 because it let me have a full, quality imaging rig with a 92mm refractor in a package that was juuuust barely able to fit into a carry-on configuration suitable for flying on an ERJ/CRJ-sized regional jet. The only part that I put into checked baggage was a small 6A Pyramid power supply, and it made more sense to stick that in checked baggage anyway. LiFePO4 batteries would need to be carryon and are of course subject to airline regulations in terms of per-person quantity and capacities. It's something that I have taken Internationally* and wouldn't have any qualms taking it to places father afield. I really wish I had this setup back when I visited Chile and Namibia.

If this setup required counterweights and shaft of any sort, that would have eaten into my baggage weight allowance considerably. Counterweights are also actually kind of hard to transport loose in suitcases. Sure you can pack them in with clothes as I've done in the past, but any decent amount of bag jostling will still make them side around and potentially wreck anything else in there, not to mention possibly wrecking the suitcase itself. I've seen too many bags fall off the unloading conveyer and onto the tarmac and roll past in baggage claim with split zippers and contents sticking out to want to continue tempting fate in that department... and who knows what else happens to bags when you can't see them.

* more like "International-lite", in my instance to Mexico. But it was still a good first test, even with an infant in tow.

On Apr 29, 2021, at 13:51, Kenneth Tan <> wrote:

No I mean Mach1. The Mach2 is a great mount but on the heavy side.

On Fri, 30 Apr 2021 at 01:48, John Chakel <> wrote:
You mean a Mach 2?

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