Re: Question re: Checking RAPAS with initial Pempro Polar Align via drift

Jil Tardiff

Hi Scott,

Ah, this helps quite a bit.  Yes, I have an MN190  (hoisting that sucker up on the 1100GTO should be an adventure ;-) .  Actually one of the main reasons to move up to the 1100GTO from my Eq6R-Pro was to improve my imaging with that scope, so I'll give it a shot.  Good news that your RAPAS was so close, it seems that most of the time that is the case, but I figured I would give it a good look just to be sure. 

That is really encouraging re: Sharpcap PA with such a long focal length , I had assumed the field of view would be problematic and just used a guidescope.  Would be nice to avoid using one.

Great - now I have a good starting point for when the clouds finally go away.   I'm really hoping to have things squared away before I take the setup on it's first "trip" in mid-May.

Thanks again for the help,


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