Re: Question re: Checking RAPAS with initial Pempro Polar Align via drift


Hi Jill,

I would not use the guide scope as the image scale is likely too low to give you the most accurate answer, along with the potential for flexure that you pointed out.  I would use your primary imaging scope/camera, and even prefer a longer focal length than an Esprit 80 if you have one.  I think you mentioned an MN190 over at CN?

I recently went through the same exercise of verifying my RAPAS, but rather than a PemPro Drift I used PHD2 drift.  Without adjustment the RAPAS had the PA within 40 arc seconds, way better than I need for a travel setup with guiding, so I left it alone.  Since you have Sharpcap that would also be a quick/easy way to verify the RAPAS.  I guide with an OAG as well and found Sharpcap PA worked great using the primary OTA and imaging camera to polar align, even when I have my C11 mounted, producing very accurate results.


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