Re: Small AP Mount Ideas


Great analysis Howard, thanks for your wonderfully logical insight. 

On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 09:40 Howard Hedlund <howard@...> wrote:
Hi Andrew and all of you other fine Gentlemen,
Please bear a few things in mind about a potential high performance mini-mount:
  • We can't just scale down a Mach 2 (or Mach1, even) to design this mount.  Engineering will be a significant cost.
  • Direct costs of a smaller mount are only reduced a small fraction by the reduction in raw materials.  Machining, finishing, assembly, documentation, and support time and labor will be little different from any of our other mounts all the way up to the 1600GTO.
  • We do not have an unlimited pool of manufacturing facilities, and our highly skilled machinists, finishers and assemblers were very hard to come by.  If we devote resources to building a small mount, it will take resources away from producing our other 3 mounts.  It's hard enough keeping up with current mount demand!
  • You are in competition with the other end of the mount spectrum.  For every loyal AP customer who wants a small travel mount, there is also a customer wanting us to build a bigger mount (a new version to replace the discontinued 3600GTO) for huge scopes in remote observatories.
  • Believe me when I say that all of us would like to produce a mini mount.  But it's a tough call to make.  I'm just glad that such decisions are above my pay grade!


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