Re: Small AP Mount Ideas

David Fischer

Speaking as a user of both AP and iOptron mounts, I find my little CEM25 to be more than adequate for portable imaging.  I use it for 80mm refractor and smaller optics all the way down to simple camera lenses and get guided tracking good enough (1.1 arc-sec rms typical) that the mount is not the determining factor to image resolution.  The mount seems to be a practical choice. 

What would be the motivation for a customer to spend more money to handle a similar payload while having a similar carry weight for all the gear ? 

While Astro-Physics would certainly build a mount with even better tracking, how would the end user actually benefit ? 

How could A-P recoup the engineering costs without selling very large quantities of the mount ?  Would they not have to garner a major share of all the small mount users to make this work fiscally ?  Is that realistic when these iOptron (and other) mounts cost only $1000 new ?

I love A-P quality enough that I would not wish to see the health of the company hurt by pursuit of a market in which their strengths don't align with customer interests.

-- David F.

On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 6:46 AM David via <> wrote:
I have asked for this several times as well.  Obviously there is a market for this.  The premium is being paid now by everyone that buys a RainbowAstro mount.  I bought mine due to the ridiculously small size for the capacity, and no counterweights.  With accessories it was over $4k.  The new one with an encoder is around $1k more.  People are already paying this premium for the sake of portability.  Just not quite getting AP quality.  There is a market.  Whether or not it’s profitable and worth the effort for AP is the question.

I was hoping for this when I got my Mach2.  The Mach2 is the best mount I’ve ever had.  But I’d still love one from AP that was 1/3 the weight and had a capacity of around 20-30 lbs.  That would be a game changer for portability.  Yes it can’t compete with a $2k iOptron, but there are many people that don’t care and will easily pay a premium to have better quality, and have something not Chinese made.  Right now there just isn’t an option.


On Apr 27, 2021, at 2:18 AM, eckhard.voelcker via <> wrote:

A small AP mount for a Stowaway or a similar sized refractor would be fantastic. 
Put me on the waiting list.


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