Question re: Checking RAPAS with initial Pempro Polar Align via drift

Jil Tardiff

Hi all,

About to do an initial drift align via Pempro V3 to check/adjust my RAPAS (assuming the clouds ever go away).  

For the life of me, I cannot sort out which scope to use for the drift align.  I normally use an OAG,  but prefer to polar align using a 50mm Stellarvue guidescope when I use Sharpcap. Then I guide with the OAG.  

This works fine on my non-AP mounts.  For this original polar align via drift on my AP1100GTO ,  however, obviously I want to use the best option and given the potential for flexure should I use my main scope for the Pempro Wizard?  I have an Esprit 80 that should do the trick.   Or am I over-thinking this (again) and just use the guidescope?

The goal is to get the best polar align possible to check and adjust my RAPAS if necessary .

Thanks for the input.


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