Re: Interesting Behavior with APCC Pro and Pegasus Astro UPBv2

Bill Long


Voyager's Drag Script interface can be used to automate this and your imaging session, flats session, and ending processes in one script.

Ray added the ability to call and start APPM from the command line, which would be used in this case by Drag Script.


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> For imaging, I've been set up for unattended operation for over 10 years, now.  Having to be at the mount to
> start APPM, and then again to start the automation after APPM is finished, is a big step backwards.  I know that
> I could set the automation to start later in the evening, but if APPM runs longer than I expect (say, due to a few
> plate solve failures), things get confused quickly when two different pieces of software are trying to control the
> mount.

As I think you know, automation is not 100% reliable. Since you would be at a dark site, the value of good imaging results will be important, so I would be surprised if you didn't want to check progress occasionally!

But let's think this through. Say that APPM could be automated. That wouldn't prevent APPM from getting hung up on a bad plate-solve or other error. How would you detect this and delay your automated imaging session?

> If this isn't something that neither you nor Astro-Physics, wants to pursue, that's fine.  I'll find a workflow that
> does what I need.  I did want to get my request out there, though.

Understood, and thanks for posting your idea. I have put it on my list of potential future features.


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