Re: Interesting Behavior with APCC Pro and Pegasus Astro UPBv2

Ray Gralak

I know that it won't take very long, but it does mean that I have to be there right at the start of the session. I go
to a lot of star parties and am often helping others out with their setups. I usually set up my automation in the
afternoon and then let it start up unattended while I am working with other folks. And even when I'm not
helping out others, early evening is prime time with my family.
Wade, couldn't you set up your automation run to start at full darkness, say 60 minutes after dusk? Then prep APPM to be ready to run at dusk. Just after dusk you would only need to click "Start" in APPM, then get back to your family/friends. If you need more time for APPM, just set the automation run to start later.


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