Re: Interesting Behavior with APCC Pro and Pegasus Astro UPBv2

W Hilmo

Great. I'm looking forward to it.

On the subject of automation, does APPM have any kind of an API that would make it possible to invoke it from a script with the sample points for the target? Alternately, is the definition of the PNT file format defined so that I could write my own routine to solve a bunch of points on the declination arc?


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Hi Wade,

Can I do dec-arc modeling with the current APPM version? Is it as
simple as making a model with just a bunch of points on my target's
declination? Or do I need to wait for the next CP4 firmware and accompanying APCC release to use it?
The Dec-Arc modeling feature has been well tested for over a year and a half. As mentioned previously, it will be in APCC Pro version 1.9, which will be available soon.

The Dec-Arc modeling does not require a change to the way APPM operates. By default APPM can collect data points along declination arc paths. It is APCC Pro that implements the Dec-Arc tracking feature, which can be turned on and off at run-time with a single checkbox.


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